The Practice of Yoga

We begin each practice setting our prayer, the attention of our practice, promoting peace in our body, mind and heart.

Physically, the proper practice of yoga balances neurological and homormonal activity. It also strengthens respiratory and cardiovascular functioning. The practice of yoga also has the ability to improve absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes, as well as, strengthen the body’s immune function. Structurally, proper practice promotes strength, flexibility, skeletal alignment and balance.

Emotionally, the yoga practice has the ability to increase self-confidence, our compassion for ourselves and others, our ability to adapt to change and accept those around us who may be different than we are. The practice also encourages gratitude and the appreciation for life itself; for all of life, including plants, animals and humans.

On a practical level, the yoga practice fosters the ability to take full responsibility for being a healthy human being. Each time we step on the mat, we are able to refine and renew, breathing in goodness and letting go of things that do not serve our well-being.


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