Holistic Approach to Nutrition and Movement

One of the best ways to prepare your body for stretching and exercise is through nutrition. Good nutrition compliments any exercise program by providing the fuel it needs to perform the movements. When we make better choices with food, we honor our body in its truest form.

Many yoga practitioners end up changing their diet as the practice becomes a significant part of their lives. What you eat has a huge impact on your body, mind and emotions. Some foods are energizing increasing vitality and strength, while others shatter our energy.

It is best not to eat 2 hours prior to a workout that fires up your metabolism. You want to be able to be free to move and twist without the added heaviness of a meal. The other general rule is to eat mindfully. This means cook with joy, by savoring each smell and relishing each flavor. Slow down and listen to the cues of your body, discovering and tuning in to any nutritional needs.

Weight loss depends 70% on what you are eating and 30% on how you are moving. According to the Dr. Sears health program of which I teach and prescribe, there are 7 ways to keep your cardiovascular system healthy: by eating the “Right Fats”, Eating more Plant based foods; Consume more potassium and less sodium; Graze and Hydrate; Stay Lean; Relax, and Move.

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